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Reaching Your Music Audience With Online Marketing

Music and the internet

Lets face it, the music business is not an easy gig to penetrate, but with the advent of online communications and social networks, it has become easier to be found.

Lets take Justin Bieber for example. His success came because real people discovered him, not because some big wig super agent found him. The power is in the people, and if you can get your art in front of them, and you are good, then the sky is the limit in today’s internet savvy world. The biggest hurdle or problem you will encounter, is that you are not the only one, and you wont be the last.

marketing music online

Competition is fierce

Many have tried to gain a presence online and failed simply because of the shear numbers and competition in this space. The key is to “get found” by the largest crowd possible that are looking for your stuff. That crowd are the millions that ask the right questions in front of the largest market share player online, and that is Google. Millions of people search for things with Google on a daily basis, learn how to rank your music site, and voilla, you’ve got mail!

It’s not that easy

If it were only that simple, many “newbies” would become stars, but truth is, Google is constantly changing the way they rank websites online, and that in itself will become a career for you just to keep up with the changes. You might find sites that will help you, and different sources and techniques, but be careful, its not always true, just because it’s written. You will hear about strategies like the  Golden Goose Method , and mobile money code , you may have already run across these systems, promising you exuberant returns, at a press of a button. These systems cause people to be weary of buying into real talent that you might offer, because they learn to believe that everything online is fake, and photo shopped. There is so much to learn, but for now..Ill let you do a little investigating in systems that make money online, which might not be related to music, but make use of the internet to promote their products. Check out this persons review of the Goldengoosemethod review, and we will  chat later.

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